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We conduct visual fields for our patients. Using this technology, visual fields only take about 3 minutes per eye. There are various types of visual fields that can be conducted with this instrument.

In glaucoma, field defects can be detected and the instrument helps us interpret any changes with the use of statistics.

In a landmark study, called the Ocular Hypertensive Study, about a third of patients that developed glaucoma, showed a field defect as their first sign of  the disease. However more than half developed disc changes noted with HRT testing, BEFORE any vision loss. That is why for patients at risk of glaucoma, it is recommended to use both VISUAL FIELDS and HRT. Risk factors include,THIN CORNEAS, DIABETES, or  any FAMILY HISTORY of the condition.


Other uses of visual fields include locating brain tumours that affect vision and other neurological conditions. Check out Donald’s story in the video. Patients taking anti malaria medication can also be monitored with this instrument.

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