Clinic d’Optométrie de

Optometry Clinic


Administration and receptionist :                      Audrey Bélanger

Eyewear Stylist:            Lucie Larocque

Marketing Coordinator and Office Assistant:                 Justine  Lamarche

Eyewear Stylist:            Jocelyne Lalonde

Our Team

Optometrist Assistant: Florette Lahaie

« I am delighted to work with a wonderful team whom have been with me for over twenty years!  With all the changes and demands on professional work, I count on my staff to commnunicate with our patients and offer outstanding service.   That is our goal, as we strive to make a difference in your life. Vision is a sense that all fear losing, and our goal is to preserve your vision for your lifetime.  We strive to make our office your office, offering the best we can offer in technology and service and a welcoming smile. »

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« I've always been passionate of working in an office setting. Back in 2002, a friend of mine told me the Clinic was looking to hire. I immediately applied and have been proudly working here ever since! What I love about my work is that through the years I have gained valuable optical experience, first as a Receptionist and now as an Optometric Assistant. I'm also very people-oriented and I can utilize these skills everyday at the Clinic! »

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« What's particularly motivates me in work at this clinic, is the dynamic team spirit in the office. I love working with the public and keeping up with the latest eyewear fashion trends. For me, making patients feel good by helping them find  'THE' pair is so rewarding! Also, I find remarkable to witness the devotion Dr. Hazan puts into his practice and patient satisfaction, it really shows and truly differentiates us from other clinics around! »

« I've had the pleasure of celebrating my 20th year with the clinic! Over the years, my position at the Hawkesbury Optometric Clinic has allowed me to work within my strenghts and interests which fuels my daily motivation to exceed our patients' satisfaction! Witnessing that I have been able to recommend a product that best fits, not only their looks, but also their personality, equates success to me. In my opinion, a pair of glasses is an important asset to what someone emerges because it's one of the first accessories peoples eyes are drawn to. »

« I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hazan since I was little and I am proud to work for the clinic today. I chose to work here for the clinic's reputation and for the superior quality of the eyecare Dr Hazan and the staff provide and products we offer patients. What makes me particularly proud of my position here is the rewarding feeling I get when I sense a client is satisfied and delighted with the services and products we've offered them.  Seeing patients go back home with a smile on their faces is what keeps us going! »